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Kinsale Giftware

Since Kinsale was first settled over six-thousand years ago, one tradition has lived on to the present day. Legend and history tell us that the settling Eirinn Clan lit navigational fires that were never permitted to go out. These fires were replaced with primitive lighthouses and eventually the present day lighthouse, which was built in 1853. Kinsale has always been a beacon of light from the land and sea.

Taking inspiration from local traditional storytelling and the rich history of the area, Kinsale Giftware was founded in 2019. Our mission is create unique giftware that celebrate Kinsale's cultural identity and beauty.

Our first collection of candles and diffusers are symbolic of the importance of trade and the historical significance of light to the port of Kinsale. We hope to continue the Eirinn Clan tradition of keeping the navigational lights burning and celebrate our picturesque town.

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